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Indy Warrior Partnership

Indy Warrior Partnership™ (IWP) is committed to improving veterans’ quality of life in Central Indiana through the coordination of local services and opportunities; from housing and employment to enrollment in VA e-benefits, healthcare, recreation, and more.


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About IWP

Indy Warrior Partnership (IWP) is a program run by veterans for veterans. IWP focuses on connecting with and building a local community of veterans in Central Indiana. Our goal is to connect veterans with local resources dedicated to them, educate veterans and local businesses about each other, collaborate with organizations to help veterans, and advocate on behalf of veterans to promote local support.


We know that most veterans are living their lives proud of their service and don’t need any special services right now. However, life happens. IWP is an effort to connect us to each other so that we can support those veterans when they need it and reach out to other veterans when we need it.


The Indy Warrior Partnership is standing by to serve veterans, their families, and caregivers in Central Indiana. Fill out the form below to learn more and sign up, or call the number to have a conversation to learn more and “be known” as a Hoosier Veteran.


Connect With Us

Connect With Us

Connect With Us

Are you a veteran, or family/caregiver of a veteran? Fill out this form to connect to resources and opportunities.

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Support IWP

Support IWP

Interested in supporting the veteran community of Central Indiana? Please donate electronically using the form. 

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Missy Meyer

Director of Community Integration | America's Warrior Partnership
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