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CI in Action: Continued Holistic Support for Struggling Indy Veteran

Being stressed about where you’re going to sleep at night is something that no one should have to endure. This was the case for Rodney*, a 14-year Army National Guard veteran who was referred to Indy Warrior Partnership (IWP) for housing assistance.

Rodney served in the Army National Guard from 2004 until 2018, including a tour in Iraq in 2009. As of recently, he did not have a reliable home, transportation, or source of income. Rodney took the first step in reaching out to the City of Indianapolis Director of Veteran Services, who referred him to IWP. This was when IWP Community Coordinator, Abby Pequignot, was contacted by Rodney for veteran support. Abby tirelessly worked with Rodney to eventually help secure his housing and prevent eviction through a community partner for 3 months.

Though this is a small victory, the work continues from here. IWP will continue collaborating one on one with Rodney to improve his quality of life through continued support, holistic community integration, and follow-up. The next step is securing reliable transportation so that Rodney is able to obtain employment and sustain his home and vehicle. We are always proud to put in the work to support veterans like Rodney who need a helping hand.

*Rodney is an alias created to protect the identity of the individual.


Indy is stronger when our veterans are stronger. Connect with IWP to learn more about how you can give back to the Indy veteran community by visiting our website and completing an online form:

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