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Community Integration in Action: Therapy Dog for an Indy Veteran

Recently, Indy Warrior Partnership (IWP) received a call from Chris* who was experiencing a tough time dealing with his PTS and looking for help. Our Community Coordinator Abby spoke with Chris and, thanks to her training, determined that Chris was not in the position to communicate effectively and needed some time to regain his composure. Abby told Chris that she would call him back and made arrangements to call Chris the next morning.

The next morning, Abby reached back out to Chris and after speaking with him for a little bit, learned that something “triggered” Chris and that he was having trouble with his PTS. Abby began speaking with Chris about possible organizations and programs that could help him and discovered that Chris has been interested in therapy animals. Abby leveraged her veteran-serving knowledge to connect Chris to two different organizations that assist with providing veterans with therapy dogs. Abby plans to follow up on the connections she gave him and ensure that he is receiving the assistance he needs. If those organizations aren’t able to help Chris in a timely manner, Abby is prepared to identify additional organizations to assist Chris.

Thanks to the community outreach of IWP in central Indiana, Chris was able to make a phone call and speak to a trained professional immediately. Chris will receive holistic support through IWP to ensure his needs are being routinely met. If his needs evolve, so too will the support IWP provides him.

*Chris is an alias created to protect the identity of the individual.


With support from caring and passionate donors, Indy Warrior Partnership (IWP) continues empowering our community to empower our veterans. Please consider making a donation today to IWP. Your generous, tax-deductible contribution supports IWP's collaborative work in Central Indiana to meet veterans where they are, ensuring they are connected to all the resources and opportunities they have earned.

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